Welcome to Pet Passing

You’ve lost a beloved member of your family. You’ve lost the love and affection that your pet brought into your life. Our purpose here at Pet Passing is to help you to put those memories into a comfortable place in your life.

Well meaning friends and family will often tell you to get a new pet, and “get on with your life,” as if your grief should happen on a timetable. Most people genuinely care, but they don’t know what to say to console you. Its sometimes difficult for our loved ones to understand that the emotions we feel for our pets are the same as those we feel for other people.

But, Pet Passing does understand the emotional devastation and suffering which accompanies the loss of a pet. That’s why we’re here. To help you memorialize the passing of your pet with an urn or image plate selected to preserve the nature and dignity of your pet; to provide insight into the grieving process through an intimate look though the eyes of other grieving pet owners who’ve written about their feelings; and through our online memorial wall, in which you can express your love for your pet and your friends can post their memories, too.

Specials For March

Digital Photo Urn Marble Candle Urn


Digital Photo Urn Figurine Urns Marble Candle Urn
Marble Candle Urn Photo Urn Tower Photo Urn
Paw Print Series Marble Vase Urns Life Size Urns
Marble Image Plates